Online Tool


The online tool is a web platform included into the Youthonline project.

This tool was created as a potential solution to prevent and combat early dropout from schools and high schools in the European framework.


  • to generate a supporting platform for youth in topic related to their education
  • To prevent and combat early dropout from schools and high schools
  • to establish new ways of connection among pupils and teachers to discuss and share information about more sensitive issues

Structure of content:

This online tool has been structured considering as base information the eight Factors of risk of drop-out for children and youth, that were identified thrown the development of a “risk analysis” by the Universitat Politécnica de València.

The nine factors identified are the following, topics on what the content and advice on this online tool is based:

Communication skillsDevelopment of your talentCommunication skills

  • Communication skills
  • Working of self-confidence
  • Career planning
  • Development of your talent
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Intercultural mediation
  • Study techniques (online courses)
  • Prevention of bullying

So based, on that, and considering the potential interaction of both pupils and teachers, the online platform has got the following sections:

  • frontpage, with the main information
  • Mentors section: where pupils can interact with teachers into diverse topics
  • Toolkit, where pupils can reach documents, videos, references about diverse issues.


The main uses of this online tool are the following:

  • Provide specific content that supports students into diverse issues that can be sensitive regarding their academic future
  • Provide possible personal support from teachers into some specific issues that can condition their future academic development
  • Provide diverse content, videos, documents that share important content to any public, also teachers, educators, to increase their skills to support students at risk of drop-out. 

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