The First Learning-Teaching-Training activity was held in Valencia between 4-8 February, 2019. The results of the factor analysis were presented by UPV and the participants shared their ideas. The description and the objectives of the seminar were defined to the participants. The participants were put into groups to create an audio-visual product. This activity was done by the cooperation of two partner organisations Jovesolides and UPV. Design and recording of the audio-visual products were done. The participants wrote the scripts of the videos, then they were recorded and presented. The videos will be used for dissemination activities.

The participants visited some departments of the university.

UPV led the training session ‘How to participate in class?’ and ‘Our motivation and learning styles’. These activities included some games which can be used in teaching methods.

Professional Tendency forms were introduced and the partner schools were asked to apply them on the students.

A presentation was done by Learnmera Oy on the Online Tool. The technical issues were discussed.

The coordinator presented the design of the guidebook and the task division of the content was shared with the partners.

The participants had a training session on ‘How to know the students’.

Data mining and matrix methods, which were used in analyses, were introduced.

Liceo Rosa presented Electronic Newsletter

The participants received Europass and Attendance certificates.

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