Escola Sant Gervasi SCCL

Escola Sant Gervasi is a cooperative of teachers that is almost 50 years old. Founded in Mollet of the Vallès by the visionary Manuel Arroyo in 1970, we offer Kindergarden, Primary Education, Secondary, A-levels, Vocational Studies in chemistry and sports and courses of Professional Qualification to unemployed people to our more than 1800 students.

We define ourselves as a plural, Catalan school, open to everybody and which provides both obligatory education and post-obligatory courses.

Convinced that the education is much more than a learning experience lived in the classrooms, we promote a School that becomes a sociocultural centre, which offers a big diversity of opportunities to grow to all the members of the educational community, beyond the traditional school schedules and the purely academic activities


Sports clubs, drama and music clubs, linguistic exchanges, reading clubs, cultural trips, conferences, etc… become opportunities to grow for all the people that form Escola Sant Gervasi.


Escola Sant Gervasi has been well-known for decades for our pedagogical innovation and entrepreneurship and for our varied projects, such as the linguistic project, the scientific and research project, the innovation and audiovisual project and last but not least, the project of family counselling. Our vision is to be known among the educational community of the area and abroad.


Our objectives also include projects that involve new methodologies: PBL (project-based-learning), challenge-based- learning, community service, social and cooperative learning; learning through emotions; new assessment methods, etc.

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